Easy Struts - Eclipse Install / Update

Install/Update procedure in Eclipse

Eclipse 2.0 give you the possibility to Install/Update plugins inside Eclipse IDE. With this procedure, Eclipse can retrive every updates foreach plugin you installed.

1 : select update manager or Install / Update perspective
2 : add a new site bookmark
3 : fill the name and url value (http://easystruts.sourceforge.net/eclipse/updates/site.xml)
4 : select the feature to install / update Easy Struts.

TIP: Proxy : If you are behing a proxy, launch eclipse with the following parameters :
eclipse.exe -vmargs -DproxySet=true -DproxyHost=aProxyAddress -DproxyPort=aProxyPort

TIP: If new version is not found (eg: 0.3.0 > 0.4.0), set searching update in Install/Update preference
to compatible instead of equivalent.

If you can't use this procedure or if you want the full distribution (src...),
use the sourceforge download manager and install manually.


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To search for new update, check this


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